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The New European Commission

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Brussels , 28.11.2019, 11:58 Uhr
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Rome/Brussels [ENA] On 27 November the Members of the European Parliament ,after assessing the nominees, voted to elect the European Commission led by Ursula von der Leyen, allowing it to take office on 1 December. A total of 461 MEPs voted in favour of the new Commission, while 157 voted against and 89 abstained. The plenary vote ended the long process of careful examination by Parliament of the proposed team of commissioners.

The former German Minister proposed bolder emissions targets, with a reduction of 50% to 55% by 2030 and committed to submit a plan for a “Green Deal for Europe” and a European Climate Law within her first 100 days in office. She also announced plans for sustainable European investment (also through the partial conversion of EIB funds into a “climate bank”) to provide €1 trillion in investments within a decade.

The new President of the Commission highlighted that the EU must establish an economy that serves the people. “Everyone needs to share the burden” - declared Ms von der Leyen - including those tech giants that conduct their business (and should continue to do so) in Europe, yet do not repay the people of Europe for their access to EU human and social capital.

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